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リリーパッドは、名古屋市で2004年より英語教育の提供を開始しました。 以来、低価格で質の高いレッスンと好評を頂いています。 私達リリーパッドは「良いレッスンが必ずしも高い必要はない」と考えます。


Lilypad Services began providing English instruction to students in the Nagoya area in 2004. We're known for giving focused high value instruction at a very affordable rate. Thanks for choosing us! At Lilypad, we believe that

"good teaching doesn't have to be expensive."

We offer three main services at present, a Conversation Cafe Group, Daily Children's Classes, and Private Instruction, for faster focused learning.


Conversation Cafe

Happy Golden Week!

Classes start May 8th

Children's Class

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